Air Pendant by Maiizen

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The Element Collection takes inspiration from the four essentials of life: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements don't only represent the mother nature and science, but they also help build up our characters; giving life to the zestful zodiac. Well, how about a little touch of light upon them - to make the ultimate reflection of your very own self? All in their elements, these four portable handblown bulbs are a great gift both for yourself and your loved ones. They come in four different colors and cool gift boxes.

Air creates spaces and perspectives detached from the immediate experiences of the daily life. It's very transparent. It's nowhere to be found and yet it's everywhere; cannot be captured but still felt. Independent, fun, creative, objective, flexible, adaptable and a very good communicator. Comes in cloud cool grey. 


Price excludes lamps.


1 x Squirrel cage E27 lamp


Lead time - 1-4 weeks